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I'm Torunn, a creative UX & UI designer, with a passion for pixels, pantone, people and photography.

I help companies nail down their user experiences, sell their products and look great in front of their competitors.

I love a tight deadline, and I don't blow the budget. Sounds good? Let's Skype.

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What do I do?

I brainstorm ideas, develop concepts by sketching in Paper App or whiteboards, carry them through to responsive prototypes straight in the browser, and get feedback from users as often as possible.

Who have I done this for?

For the past 7 years I've been designing products for a variety of start-ups and agencies. Lately I've been working mostly with conferences and SaaS apps, such as Givey, Thinking Digital and TEDxLiverpool.

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I'm open for anything that's creative and innovative. Is that your business or product? I'd love to hear about it - email me.

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